Fat burning foods for the lower abdomen

If you have fat that persists in your lower abdomen and makes your figure unattractive, you need good nutrition to get rid of it. A list of fat burning foods to include in your diet is useful.

Discover these foods that best burn your lower belly fat.



Aubergine boosts your weight loss by absorbing fat. Very rich in pectin and fibre, aubergine traps your fat, thus promoting the destruction and elimination of toxins and facilitating your intestinal transit. So don’t hesitate to eat your tuna-filled aubergines regularly.


Lemon is an effective degreaser for your lower abdomen. Drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach in the morning before breakfast helps you to get going and cleanse yourself! Lemon helps your body to digest your food better and to activate your bile secretion. In addition, citric acid helps your stomach to break down and eliminate your fats and proteins.

Green tea

Green tea has been known for a very long time as a fat burner. The popular name (usually for plants containing caffeine) refers to an increase in thermogenesis (heat production by the body) and lipolysis (breakdown of certain fats).


This fruit of knowledge is also an excellent slimming ally! With its many satiating properties, this fruit contains pectin, which traps fat in your stomach.

If you want to lose fat effectively, choose the Granny Smith variety which is low in sugar. You can eat the skin of your apple, which is rich in vitamins and fibre.


This food is less known as a fat burner. Cinnamon reduces blood sugar levels, which is an essential aspect of reducing your weight and eliminating belly fat. Having unstable blood sugar levels increases your chances of accumulating fat, especially in your lower abdomen. So by lowering your blood sugar with cinnamon, you can say goodbye to belly fat!

Oat bran

Oat bran is a food rich in insoluble and soluble fibres that capture and trap some of the fat you ingest. As a result, this food guarantees you a correct intestinal comfort. But above all, this food has a satiating property!

Oat bran therefore prevents you from overeating and regulates your appetite, while eliminating your fat.

If you don’t know how to get rid of belly fat, eat oat bran regularly and your belly will thank you!



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