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facial malta, radio frequency what is it ?

Radio frequency is an anti-aging skin treatment thanks to a wave and infrared emission that generates heat in the surface of the skin’s surface layer without redness. The effect of heat stimulates fibroblasts that produce new collagen making skin smoother and tightened immediately. This heat stimulates the vein-lymphatic circulation.

The stimulation of the lymph then promotes the oxygenation of tissues, the elimination of toxins, the decongesting of fatty tissues, and the natural production of collagen, elastin and collagen fibers. Kneading gestures at specific areas of the body are recommended. The firming of the skin and subcutaneous tissues can therefore be observed after the first session, with an overall effect of modelling and remodelling.

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The benefits of radio frequency care

In the care of body thinning, the radio frequency is known to fight against sagging skin, skin cells and fight against cellulite by a remodelling and firming action, goodbye cellulite. In addition to reshaping, firming and fighting cellulite, this slimming technique makes it possible to tone and again bring elasticity to your skin and also improve the firmness of the skin. The slimming treatment also helps reduce or even eliminate stretch marks and pregnancy marks.

In anti-aging facial skincare, radiofrequency exerts a tensor effect that advantageously replaces the effects of a facelift surgery. Without risk and without pain, this aesthetic technology skin-care responds to numerous benefits such as erasing imperfections, reducing wrinkles and fine lines and wrinkles, brightening the complexion, wrinkle, erasing and rejuvenating the look by reducing puffiness and dark circles, Firm the oval of the face by reshaping cheeks and chin, can be effective against the double chin. Also by performing this anti-aging massage, the lymphatic points of the face are stimulated and allow to fight against poor circulation and blood microcirculation.

During this treatment for the body or face, you can also add a manual intensive massage, palpate rolling mechanical or suction cups accompanied by anti-capiton lotion, slimming creams, wrinkle cream, face cream, heating oil, eye cream, anti-aging serum, anti-cellulite cream, anti-aging cream, anti aging products, night cream, wrinkle creams, essential oil, skin care products, anti-wrinkle, anti aging skin care, anti cellulite oil or anti cellulite cream, eye contour cream while performing a kneading by a hand rolling palper for better penetration on localized rebel areas and flasks.

Body areas that can be treated

Radio frequency treatment can be performed on several different areas of the body such as belly, abdomen, hips, horse panties, thighs, legs, arms, love handles, buttocks and buttocks, waist circumference, neck, face, cleavage, reduce wrinkles, wrinkles .
Visible results from the first session!
The number of sessions depends on the area to be treated but for results that last, it is necessary minimum 3 sessions for the body and 5 sessions for the face.

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