Excess fat: how to remove fat from the thighs?

Easily prone to excess fat, you can’t stand your oversized thighs.

How can you get rid of the ugly orange peel skin that covers them? Rarely caused by food, the dreaded cellulite is most often the result of a combination of factors: water retention, poor circulation, sedentary lifestyle… To get rid of it, draining creams, drainage and regular sport are your best allies.

Anti-cellulite cosmetic solutions

Don’t believe in miracles: cosmetics are rarely enough to remove all orange peel skin. But when they are well chosen, they are still a precious help. So to support your efforts against dimpled skin, don’t neglect them!

One of the best choices is caffeine: by taking part in lipolysis, it destructures cellulite clusters and transforms them into energy. Creams containing ivy, or certain draining essential oils, such as cedar and lemon, are also good options.

To take full advantage of the benefits of your anti-cellulite cream, be very diligent: a twice-daily application, morning and evening, is essential, massaging the affected areas in a circular motion.

Remove cellulite with lymphatic drainage

Cellulite is often associated with lazy lymphatic circulation… To see it fade, get straight to the point: by reviving the machine and reducing water retention, lymphatic drainage can really produce surprising effects on encrusted fat.

Another option: the famous palpate-roll. Unfortunately it is not very pleasant to undergo, but it has also proved to be a good solution to cellulite.

The disadvantages of massages? Their effects are not permanent. To maintain them, you should have regular sessions (and yes, it’s a budget…) and correct your lifestyle to maintain better lymphatic circulation.

Orange skin, the virtues of exercise

Exercise is the best way to reduce thigh fat: first of all, it helps to activate your precious lymphatic circulation.

“But what sport should I do? You don’t need to target your thighs for exercise. Ideally, you should choose the sport that will best stimulate your blood and lymph circulation. Brisk walking, cycling and all water sports are excellent. Plan at least two to three sessions per week.

The advantage of sport? Even at rest, you will benefit from its advantages: the lymphatic circulation of an active person is in fact up to 30 times better than that of a sedentary person…

Unfortunately, your slimming regime was not enough to remove all your dimples? Finally get rid of orange peel skin by fighting on all fronts. Good luck!



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