Example of a menu at 1700 calories per day

Looking for menus with less than 1700 calories? Want to have fun all day long? It’s over here!

Take advantage of our free low-calorie menus, for a slimming diet that respects your health.


A light, low-calorie menu!

Get your pens ready! Here is an example of a menu made up of foods rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, but low in calories, to help you prepare your menus for the week!


1 bowl of semi-skimmed milk (150 ml)
100g crunchy muesli (508 calories)


1 Granny-Smith apple
1 banana (177 calories)


½ pink grapefruit (sprinkled with a teaspoon of wholemeal sugar)
2 chicken skewers
150 g brown rice
100g steamed broccoli (468 calories)


1 plain yoghurt
1 pear (175 calories)


1 cup split pea soup (150 ml)
200 g tuna salad (275 calories)
And that’s it, it’s simple! A varied menu that respects the criteria of a healthy and balanced diet, not exceeding 1700 kilocalories. What’s more, there are still 97 calories allowed, should you feel a little hungry during the evening!

What is the daily intake for a man and a woman?

First of all, you should know that the daily intake is the amount of energy that a person needs on a daily basis. It varies according to gender, age, weight and daily physical effort.

To give you an idea, the daily intake of an adult man is estimated at around 2500 kcal, while that of a woman is estimated at 2000 kcal (+/-).

It should be noted that some people have a higher than normal calorie intake, which is often the cause of their overweight. Others have a lower calorie intake, either because they neglect a meal during the day or because they are used to eating low-calorie meals.

As far as you are concerned, you are probably in the category of people who consume a lot of calories and therefore you want to go on a diet, setting the bar at 1700 calories/day!

To help you see things a little more clearly, we propose an example of a typical menu at 1700 kilocalories, healthy, balanced and varied, so that you can start your diet on the right footing and stay healthy!



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