Does milk make the belly bigger?

Because it contains lactose, a sugar that requires enzymes to be digested properly, milk is often difficult for the body to assimilate.

The result: a bloated and distended stomach!

Milk is bad for the stomach

The other theory about milk is that it is good for weight loss, but bad for the stomach. This is because milk contains enzymes that are difficult for the adult body to absorb.

This causes bloating, which makes the belly bigger. It is therefore important that you know your body and whether it can tolerate milk or not. It is important to know your body and whether it can tolerate milk or not, because if bloating is uncomfortable enough, it also makes your belly bigger.

Milk helps you lose weight

Milk has a fairly high calorie content, but it nevertheless helps you lose weight thanks to its calcium and iodine content. According to recent studies, calcium promotes weight loss.

In fact, it reduces the amount of fat ingested and facilitates the evacuation of this fat. As for iodine, it is necessary to regulate weight by keeping thyroid hormones high. And it is well known that if the belly tends to grow quickly, losing belly fat is easy when you lose weight.

It is important to choose the type of milk you drink

There are different types of milk depending on the animals that produce it and the way it is processed. In general, the milk we consume is cow’s milk, a milk that provides a lot of calories to the body (about 65 per 100 grams).

However, there are several types of milk: whole milk and semi-skimmed milk. Semi-skimmed milk is much lower in calories than whole milk (about 45 calories per 100 grams) because the fat is removed from the milk. The best thing to do when drinking milk is to choose semi-skimmed milk, which is just as good as whole milk and better for your stomach.

The question of milk in the diet is still an unresolved issue for scientists, but some certainties have been established: milk helps to lose weight when consumed in moderation and not in excess.

It is preferable to consume semi-skimmed milk, which is much lower in calories and has the same other benefits as full-cream milk, which is good for the organs, but has too many calories.

Finally, if a person’s digestive system is weak, it is better not to drink milk, even if a hot milk drink or a coffee with milk is very comforting.



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