Do mushrooms make lose weight ?

Mushrooms are very low in calories, and if you like them, you can indulge yourself by including them in your slimming meals. But be careful how you cook them!

A food that is not very rich and is not harmful to your figure

One hundred grams of mushrooms contain only 15 calories. In other words, it is not a very rich food. This is true for all varieties of mushrooms, whether it is the most common one, the button mushroom, or morels, chanterelles or girolles. On the other hand, it is not very energetic either, since it contains only 2 grams of protein. So don’t count on it to give you the energy you need to last all day, you’ll have to eat it with meat, fish or vegetable proteins. In terms of carbohydrates and lipids, it is also very little rich: only 0.5 grams. Consequently, you can easily adopt it during your diet

Do mushrooms make you lose weight?

Mushrooms contain fiber, which is beneficial for your figure, because it helps your transit. With a better assimilation of food, you will digest better and avoid constipation. It also brings vitamin B and minerals, such as phosphorus. But be careful, to take advantage of its qualities, it should be eaten raw. A few sliced button mushrooms in a green salad, seasoned with cider vinegar and a touch of olive oil, is a tasty and ideal starter for your figure. The mushrooms you buy canned are not fattening either, but they are less rich in vitamins than fresh ones, so they have less nutritional value.


Be careful with the cooking!

If you like wild mushrooms, you will be confronted with the problem of their preparation. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine a pan of ceps without oil, or even, for the greediest, without meat in sauce… This is where the problem lies with mushrooms: we tend to cook them in a too fatty way, and the calories we ingest do not come from this food itself, but from everything we add to prepare it! You will have to learn to cook it without too much fat, so that it keeps all its benefits, and doesn’t make you fat.

Remember that mushrooms are not a complete food, and don’t give in to the fashion of “mushroom diets”, which can lead to numerous deficiencies. Instead, use your imagination to incorporate them into preparations such as salads or omelettes.


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