Do a quinoa cure to lose weight

Very popular with all those who have adopted the vegetarian diet, it nevertheless raises many questions among others, like the mysterious food that it seems to be

However, it has been shown to play an important role in slimming, so it’s time to get to know it and, why not, learn to cook it!

Why is there so much talk about it?

Considered as a very valuable slimming food with its very low calorie content, it contains a high protein content. This is a strong argument in its favour because protein plays an essential role in your body, especially for good health and the development of your muscles instead of fatty deposits.

It is also very easy to cook. So there’s no reason to ignore it, even if you’re short on time or don’t particularly like preparing elaborate meals. It also has one of the lowest glycaemic indexes, which helps you to regulate your blood sugar levels properly. Finally, it is gluten-free.

In other words, you will digest it very easily! Its slimming effect will be increased tenfold if you combine it with other foods with the same function: cottage cheese, seafood, green vegetables, fresh fruit, etc.

Apart from its impact on my figure, what other benefits will I gain?

It is true that it is considered with great interest in the field of dietetics, but let’s go even further. By consuming it, you will feel a greater accumulation of energy on a daily basis and a reduced feeling of hunger. Your digestion will also be better, resulting in an obvious feeling of well-being. For all these reasons, it is relevant to consider a cure to lose weight and feel better.

How to cook it?

First of all, you should know that its cooking time is quite short and that you can easily prepare tasty recipes with the thermomix / cookeo. For example, you can try a quinoa salad.


120 grams of quinoa
120 grams of corn
1 cucumber
1 pepper
a few walnut kernels
1 red onion

Start by following the cooking instructions on the packet.During this time you can wash and drain the pepper and corn.The pepper should be diced.Do the same with the cucumber.Peel and chop your red onion. Once everything is ready, cooked and drained, mix all your ingredients together in a large bowl.drizzle with a little nut oil.add a little parsley, chives, salt and/or chopped mint to taste.finish by adding the walnut kernels.

Regular consumption three to five times a week will quickly pay off! As part of a controlled and balanced diet, of course.



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