Dissociated diet and pregnancy

Pregnancy is not an ideal time to start a weight loss diet, but there may be an exception if the diet in question does not involve any dietary restrictions. For example, the dissociated diet can be suitable for pregnant women if they follow a few rules so as not to put their health and that of their baby at risk. Find out how it works now!

The principle of the dissociated diet during pregnancy
In general, the dissociated diet simply consists of separating the food groups for each meal or for each day. However, the programme also allows you to make good food combinations to avoid gaining weight. According to the designers of the diet, eating several types of food at the same time can disrupt the metabolism and promote fat gain.

However, some combinations are completely harmless for the figure and can be adopted during pregnancy. Note that you are allowed to eat to your heart’s content during a meal, but you must leave a minimum of 4 hours between meals.

Be careful! The dissociated diet itself is not recommended for pregnant women. In other words, you will not eat only one type of food per meal, let alone per day. It is of the utmost importance to vary your dishes each time. In fact, before following this diet, you should consult your doctor and wait for his or her approval and recommendations before starting anything.

The right food combinations
If you are determined to look after your figure while pregnant, it is imperative that you know the right food group combinations. This is the basis for correctly following the dissociated pregnancy diet. Here is a list of recommended combinations:

Protein + Vegetables (raw or cooked)
Starch + Vegetables
Protein + Starches
Vegetables + Fruit
Vegetables + Pulses
Starches + Fruit
Vegetables + Pulses

Examples of dissociated diet menus for pregnancy
The advantage of the dissociated diet for future mothers is that it is easy to follow and allows you to eat everything, but in an intelligent way. In addition, it is really effective in limiting weight gain during pregnancy. By following the list of good combinations above, you can create balanced menus as follows:

Menu 1
Morning: as much seasonal fruit as you like (never mix acidic and sweet fruit), fruit yoghurt
Lunch: grilled fish fillet, steamed spinach, chicory salad, 1 apple
Evening: boiled eggs, sautéed mushrooms with garlic, low-fat cheese, 1 slice of pineapple
Menu 2
Morning: mint tea, wholemeal bread + 1 drizzle of olive oil, kiwi fruit
Lunch: rice with shrimp, cucumber and tomato salad, steamed broccoli, 1 orange
Evening: gazpacho, boiled peas, fruit salad