Cohen diet breakfast

The Cohen diet relies on freshness and variety to burn calories efficiently. Since the principle is not based on restriction, the menus must be strictly adhered to in order to achieve a satisfactory result. This applies from breakfast onwards. It must be said that the effects are palpable in a very short time.

The 1000 kilocalorie version

This is the light breakfast par excellence and an ideal compromise for recovering from an excess. It is divided into two groups: the gluten-free group and the complete group.

Breakfast idea for the gluten-free Cohen diet :

– a cup of hot herbal tea without sugar – a rice and sesame cake – 5 g margarine

If you are more tolerant of gluten, simply replace the rice cake with 15 grams of extra fresh wholemeal bread.

The 1600 kcal version

The 1600 calorie version is recommended to start the day full of energy. As with the 1000 kcal version, this one also offers the possibility of vegetarian menus with and without gluten. The principle is the same, but the quantities are higher: this version is also richer in calcium, magnesium, protein and trace elements.

For a gluten-free diet you need to take :

A cup of hot sugar-free drink-65 g of wholemeal bread-a little margarine-a seasonal fruit-a pot of soya yoghurt.

If you cannot tolerate gluten and soya, simply replace the bread with 6 rice cakes and 0% cottage cheese.

Cohen diet: typical menus to start the day

Any questions about how this diet works? I’ll explain briefly how it works in the morning for me.

I try to keep my intake between 1200 and 1300 kcal. In my opinion, this is a good compromise to start off with a bit of a kick and avoid excess – 1 cup of sweetened herbal tea with sweetener – 2 rice cakes to avoid gluten – 5g of margarine – 1 pot of sugar-free soya yoghurt – 1 fruit

For the patties, it is best to prepare them yourself in the thermomix.


-250g rice-4 glasses of water-Some tablespoons of olive oil-Salt and pepper


-Brown the rice for a few minutes-Add the water, salt and pepper-Leave to cook over a low heat until the water is absorbed-Shape the patties-Brown the patties again on each side for a few minutes.

A perfect diet breakfast for a quick weight loss.



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