Cinnamon oil: a flat tummy ally?

The slimming virtues of cinnamon oil are recognized worldwide. The question arises as to whether its active ingredients are also effective in losing belly fat.

The answer is positive, especially when you choose to use oil. Zoom on the benefits of a spice whose effectiveness is not any more to prove.

The benefits of cinnamon vegetable oil to lose belly
The cinnamon stick has been used for ages to treat illnesses linked to the consumption of fat such as diabetes. Indeed, its use promotes detoxification of the body and good blood circulation. When the toxins are eliminated from the body, it is quite normal to have a flat stomach, one of the benefits of this vegetable oil, since most of the bad fats are located in the abdomen. According to experience, the belly remains the most difficult part of the body to sculpt.

This is because the tissues that make up the belly absorb fat quickly and get rid of it more slowly. So when you start to lose weight, your belly will always remain visible unless you help it with effective products and sport.

Cinnamon-based vegetable oil is perfect. This spice has a strong effect on the abdominal area. The flat stomach is quickly restored after a few days of treatment. What’s more, all the active ingredients of cinnamon are concentrated in the oil. The external application of this oil boosts the internal action of the product. The results can be felt in just a few days.

Making your own homemade oil for a flat stomach
To take full advantage of the properties of cinnamon oil, it is preferable to make it yourself, because although there are several products on the market, their components are not guaranteed and can cause allergies to the skin. By making your own oil, you can be sure of the origin of the ingredients used. I suggest a very easy recipe.

Ingredients :
– 1/2 litre of organic extra virgin olive oil- 4 cinnamon sticks- A few cinnamon leaves

1 – Add the cinnamon sticks and leaves to the oil. Wait one week before using it for massage.2 – The longer the maceration time, the more effective the product. Moreover, in the meantime, the scent released will be more interesting. So, don’t hesitate to wait when you expect good results.

Cinnamon oil: a must
After making your own cinnamon leaf oil you can massage your belly twice a day. Use small circular motions regularly to see the results quickly. The external application of this oil boosts the internal action of the product.

The results can be felt in just a few weeks.