Cellulite treatment malta

Cellulite treatment malta, compositionof the skin

The skin is the largest organ of man. The skin is divided into 3 layers:

-The most superficial is the epidermis

-The middle layer the dermis

The deepest is the hypodermis.


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Lipo slimming cavitation treatment can be performed on several different body areas such as abdominal, belly, abdomen, tummy, hips, horse panties, thighs, thigh, legs, arms, love handles, buttocks and buttocks, waist circumference.
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Also called cavitation, lipocavitation is a technique to eliminate cellulite and decrease localized fat volumes, a real alternative to liposuction and for body contouring:

This method is based on the use of ultrasound, on a restricted area of the body.
The emission of the waves generates air bubbles that penetrate the fat cell.
The air bubbles implode and break the walls of the fat piles.
As a result, the fat is released into the surrounding tissue.

is it painful?

Lipocavitation is a painless, painless and noninvasive technique that allows a progressive melting of the fat masses by a massage of circular movements.


The risk of slimming care with lipocavitation, holds in that the fat is not eliminated but that it accumulates elsewhere that is why a lymphatic drainage to stimulate the lymph is recommended after session for the elimination of liquid fats and the elimination of toxins via the lymphatic system and therefore Avoid accumulation of greasy overloads.


The technique of slimming the body with lipocavitation makes it possible to reduce unsightly bulges, to dislodge fat storage from fat tissue, to reduce the appearance of orange skin, cellulite reduction and fat reduction to lift the body circumference in centimeters thus to lose weight. You can do diet and exercise while using cavitation to lose more weight. 

Lipocavitation also allows the elimination of fatty cellulite, body-fat, aqueous cellulite, or fibrous cellulite in combination with radiofrequency. Its two combined thinning techniques make it a real anti-cellulite care and bring a modeling and sculpting your silhouette with elimination of the capitons promoting weight loss.

Destroys fat cells, Body sculpting, Fat removal, Firms and tones the skin, Stimulates the collagen, Tighten, Softens the skin, Skin tightening, Reduce bulge, toning your body, Unwanted fat, Non-invasive and painless, Visible results from the first session!

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KIVALIA, Care and Slimming, offer your an Facial  treatment thanks to the radio-frequency .This treatment tighten your skin, rejuvenation, facelift and reduce your wrinkles session after session.