Can you lose weight by eating what you want?

It may seem insane: lose weight by eating the foods you want, even the fattest. However, it is possible to lose weight while enjoying yourself.

How to lose weight by eating to your hunger?

When we say “eat to your heart’s content”, we are talking about eating pleasant foods, not depriving yourself. Several studies have shown that eating rich products in the morning does not contribute to weight gain. The body, by ingesting fatty foods at the beginning of the day, would have no problem to evacuate them.

Attention, it is not a question of devouring chocolate bars and drinking sweetened sodas at will at breakfast! It is simply a matter of bringing balance to your menus by eating properly, by allowing yourself small pleasures like buttered bread and cheese, pasta or fried potatoes for lunch.

By eating slowly your dishes, those with a high caloric index and high carbohydrate content, in small quantities, you will be able to make splits and indulge in the dishes you like without getting fat.

How to distribute the calories in order to lose weight quickly?

By eating normally, the body rebalances itself, it is no longer in deprivation and no longer feels the need to store fat. On the contrary, the metabolism resumes a normal rhythm and the extra pounds disappear naturally. In the evening, minimize rich foods, most often opt for a salad, lean meat or fish (about 150 kcal for a filet).

Protein in quantity can be included at lunchtime. Another tip is to opt for low-calorie fruit yoghurts if you feel hungry. In addition, we advise you to start the day with a large glass of spring water or lukewarm water mixed with the juice of half a lemon, preferably organic.

This will detoxify your organism and you will be able to crave for the food you want.

This simple beauty gesture has an important impact on your health and contributes to the loss of centimeters.

The simple and easy diet to lose weight

Opting for a gluten-free diet can help you lose those extra pounds. Indeed, by digesting food easily, your body will react better to the food you eat throughout the day and it will be easier for you to regain your figure. Organic foods are also to be preferred because they are often of better quality and your body will assimilate the nutrients and other benefits contained in these foods better.

A liquid dish in the morning is also possible: like a smoothie, prepare a bowl in which you pour a velvety juice of fresh fruit blended in a blender. Add dried fruit, coconut shavings, cereals, peanut butter, sesame seeds: whatever you like! This vegetarian breakfast is ideal for those who want to get back on track.

Eating almost as much as you want is not a utopia, it depends on the quantities and the order in which you eat your meals during the day.



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