17-point Weight Watchers menu

The Weight Watchers method is regularly awarded as one of the best methods for losing weight or controlling it.

After all, a good diet not only helps you to burn off cellulite, but also to keep your figure by enjoying every food. This principle will help you stay healthy for a very long time.


1 week WW at 17 pt



Breakfast: Unsweetened tea or coffee (0 pt), 100g sweet cottage cheese (2 pt), 1 portion of pineapple (0 pt).Lunch: Rice, mango and chicken casserole (8 pt), homemade flan (3 pt).Dinner: 120g sea bream (2 pt), 150g courgettes and aubergines (0 pt), 1 fruit yoghurt (2 pt).


Breakfast: Tea or coffee unsweetened (0 pt), 2 thin slices of raw ham (1 pt), plain sweetened yoghurt (2 pt), 1 orange (0 pt).Lunch: Chopped steak (5 pt ), mixed salad (1), apple (0 pt).Dinner: 120 g of skate wing (2 pt), ratatouille (0 pt), sweetened yoghurt (2 pt)


Breakfast: Unsweetened tea or coffee (0 pt), 1 cup of sugar-free cereal (2 pt), 1 orange (0 pt).Lunch: Courgettes stuffed with bread and parmesan cheese (8 pt), green salad and dressing (1 pt), 1 orange (0 pt).Dinner: Lamb chop 80 g (4 pt), green beans (0 pt), 1 sweet white cheese (2 pt).


Breakfast: Unsweetened tea or coffee (0 pt), a slice of brioche (2 pt), jam (1 pt), 1 apple (0 pt).Lunch: Haddock kebab and semolina (8 pt), peas (0 pt), 1 fruit (0 pt).Dinner: 2 egg omelette (4 pt), 1 plain sweetened yoghurt (2 pt).


Breakfast: Coffee or unsweetened tea (0 pt), 30 g baguette (2 pt), 10 g honey (1 pt), 2 clementines (0 pt). Dinner: Tomatoes with salt and vinaigrette (1 pt), fat-free, skinless white ham (2 pt), grilled aubergines (0 pt), 1 plain sweet yoghurt (2 pt).


Breakfast: Unsweetened coffee or tea (0 pt), 1 slice of light brioche (2 pts), low-fat jam (1 pt), 1 0% sweet cottage cheese (1 pt). Lunch: 120 g of flank steak (4 pt), mushrooms and baked beans (0 pt), crème brûlée (4 pt).dinner: Green salad and prawns (120 g) with vinaigrette sauce (4 pt), 1 plain yoghurt 0% sweet (1 pt), 1 fruit (0 pt).

Tasty recipes on the go

If you’re still wondering what to eat in order to comply with the WW calculation method, take a look at the company’s website.

You’ll find plenty of other delicious recipes like the ones we’ve mentioned in a typical day.

The suggestions cover all your meals: morning, noon and evening. Y

ou are free to organise your menus.



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