10 tips for losing thighs

Some people, who are sometimes thin in the chest, find themselves with fat thighs as soon as they go overboard. This can become a real source of complexes. Fortunately, it is possible to lose weight on your thighs and obtain convincing results in a short time by melting your fat mass and refining your muscles. Here are 10 effective tips to make it easy.

1. Eat more fibre and protein to lose weight in the thighs

The plate is an essential slimming step! A man or woman who wants to slim down his or her thighs must go through this first slimming step.

You have to reduce your carbohydrate and fat intake to lose a few kilos. You can’t slim down and firm up your thighs by stuffing yourself with sweets, fried foods and crisps. So you need to cut back on fat as much as possible.

But you need to increase your fibre and protein intake. Fruit and vegetables are the basis of a healthy, balanced diet. Protein helps you convert fat into muscle.

2. Eat less saturated fat

You need to limit your intake of saturated fats. Because fatty foods are not good for people with soft, plump thighs, especially if they find that these are the areas of the body where fat tends to be stored.

3. Drink enough water to melt your thighs

Many people are unaware that this part of your body is a prime area for fluid retention. A man or woman who does not want to gain unnecessary weight in the thighs must drain as much as possible. Water is precisely what is needed to drain effectively. You should therefore drink at most 1.5 litres of water every day to eliminate toxins and the risk of not fitting into a nice outfit.

4. Adapting your diet to sport

To lose weight on your thighs, it is important to adapt the richness of your meals to your activity. Obviously, a physically active person will need a higher energy intake than a sedentary person. For a woman aged between 20 and 39, the recommended calorie intake is 2200 kcal for normal physical activity.

5. Walking is an ideal activity to boost blood circulation, get rid of cellulite and slim down gently.

Walking is an ideal activity to boost blood circulation, get rid of cellulite and slim down gently. There are several tips to help you melt your thighs with walking. For example, you can walk your children to school or walk your dog after dinner

6. Stretching to lose thighs

Stretching is something to consider if you want to lose weight in your lower body. How do you stretch to lose thighs? Simply avoid stretching for more than six seconds the muscle you have just strengthened, but you can stretch a previously unused muscle for 30 seconds or more.

In the gym, stretching classes offer effective movements that will help you slim down your thighs in a few weeks.

7. Jumping rope to lose thighs

Regular physical activity is essential to accelerate your lower body weight loss. Of all the activities that can help you slim down your lower body, skipping rope is what you need to burn calories, reduce cellulite in your thighs and slim down your figure.

8. Drink enough water to slim your thighs

While water doesn’t directly help you lose weight, a study at Virginia Tech found that drinking half a litre of water before each meal can reduce hunger pangs, and thus calorie absorption.

9. Massaging your thighs with a horsehair glove to lose weight

Massaging your thighs with a horsehair glove is very effective in firming, toning, stimulating blood circulation and removing cellulite from your thighs as well as dead skin cells, while making your skin more beautiful and soft. To say goodbye to limp and plump thighs, rub your horsehair glove vigorously over this part of your body after a good bath and shower.

10. Don’t skip any meals to lose thighs

Contrary to what many people think, skipping meals is more likely to make you gain weight than lose it. In fact, people who skip meals compensate by eating larger quantities of food at the next meal.

To achieve excellent thigh loss, you need to balance the day with a calorie and nutrition plan. This will help you slim down your lower body without altering the metabolism.

So, melting thighs does not happen by chance. You need good nutrition to slim your thighs, regular physical activity to accelerate your weight loss and firm up this part of your body, and cellulite-reducing massages to help you reach your goal.

These ten tips will ensure effective weight loss in the thighs, but you can also seek the advice of a nutrition doctor for a tailor-made diet.



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